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Getting Around Greece

Local Travel Planning Resources

So you've successfully navigated your way to us in the Dodecanese - great !! Now you'd like to explore somewhere else too?

If it is within the Dodecanese - easy. There is a fast, comfortable and very efficient catamaran service which runs from Rhodes-Kos-Kalymnos-Leros-Patmos and return. Leros-Samos has a daily hydrofoil connection.

There are also hydrofoils, local ferries and the bigger Athens ferries too. For online schedules, check out our favourite ferry site - GTP. This site lists just about every ferry in Greece, apart from the very small local ones. If it's possible to book tickets online, GTP will have links to do this.

Do note that many of the local routes can't be booked online, and with great difficulty from outside the country. For the most part, these ferries and hydrofoils are pretty much like taking the bus around here; you can just get a ticket on the dock; or at a local agency on the island.

If you're hoping to book a ferry during the winter, and it's not showing up on GTP - don't worry, chances are the ferry company just hasn't released it's summer schedule yet!

Sample travel times:

  • Leros-Samos (hydrofoil) approx 2-2.5hrs
  • Rhodes-Leros (catamaran) 3.5hrs
  • Kos-Leros (catamaran) 1.5hrs


Getting to Turkey - regular ferries from Samos, Rhodes and Kos.

  • Samos—Kusadasi (approx 90mins)
  • Kos—Bodrum (45-50 mins)
  • Rhodes—Marmaris (1hr)


Getting to other island groups

Now this is a little more tricky! Direct connections between island groups are few - any island group, not just the Dodecanese. Ferries and flights tend to use Athens as their main hub, although do also check out Rhodes as a possible transit to eg, the Cyclades (Mykonos, Santorini, etc). There are also connections from Rhodes to Crete.


Domestic flights

Olympic Airways - the main domestic carrier in Greece

Aegean Airlines Flights to Kos, Samos, Rhodes. Some really great fares if you book early! Check out their international routes to Europe also.

We have specific, detailed notes on how best to get to each of our rendezvous points - we'll send you those which are relevant to your particular trip.